About us!

We at WafflesAreBetter “Incorporated” are dedicated to creating quality Minecraft-related tutorials. Our goal is to help you build knowledge of how every aspect of data packs and resource packs work from the ground up, so that even if you have never looked at code in your life, you will eventually be able to understand even the most complicated world generation files.

Many of the tutorials we’ve created are the only tutorials on the subject, and in many of the subjects we haven’t covered yet, the only explanation for how the code works is a very technical and somewhat vague overview on the Minecraft wiki. Because of this, it would be incredibly hard for beginners to get started. We at WafflesAreBetter “Corp.” know that you can make some pretty cool stuff with Worldgen data packs, and we would like to spread knowledge of how to do so, so you can make the aforementioned pretty cool stuff. 

Also, we have a survival Minecraft server called the Waffles SMP, which we’d like to say is also pretty cool. Anyone can join the server and play in a country. The council of country leaders runs the server. We have international laws, and waffles, if you’d like to commit tax evasion in Minecraft, the Order (the best country ever) has an IRS. You’ll need to join our Discord if you want to join the SMP, and then you’ll automatically be whitelisted, plus you’ll know when events are happening and you’ll get to talk to us (we are really cool). 

Our team currently consists of four people. Waffles R. “Waf” Better is the owner, voice, and main writer of the WafflesAreBetter YouTube channel, and the founder and Supreme Overlord of the Waffles SMP.  Toastedexistence is the head of our social team, the designer of this website, and one of the main administrators of our Discord server, they basically maintain and help our teams and sites. Tealdupi is Waffles R. Better’s manager and the official channel artist (he made the channel banner).

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