Waffles SMP Countries

Waffles SMP Council

The Waffles SMP Council is a council made up of all of the nation leaders on the Waffles SMP, led by NorthWasHere. The council decides everything that happens on the Waffles SMP and holds trials for anyone who breaks international law. The leader of every country listed below is on the Council.


Several countries on the server have national anthems created by DrThestral (Prime Minister of the Magical Democracy). All countries that currently have an official anthem have that anthem linked on their page below, but DrThestral has kindly created a page on his own website with a download link for each anthem. If you plan on using any of the songs he’s composed anywhere please follow the terms he has listed on the download page!

Waffle Republic

A direct democracy that anyone can join! The law code and bill of rights guarantee your safety and freedom!

The Phoenix Guard

A federation run by HitmanPerfidious and DeceasedCK

Prism Kingdom

A monarchy run by the king, Tealdupi. If you want
to live here you must be part of the LGBTQ community or an ally! NO HOMOPHOBES!!!

Middle Earth Kingdom

A Monarchy led by the Queen, $#%^@!. Anyone can join, just remember that this is a LOTR themed country!

Birdarchy Empire

An empire run by oak_k. Every bird must obey the birdarch and every bird must wear their wings at all times. 

Magical Democracy

A democracy run by DrThestral, where any citizen can become a government official by vote every 3 months.

Deutschland GmbH

Ein kommunistisches Land, das von einem Unternehmen geführt wird, das TanteTurner gehört.

Soul Kingdom

A kingdom led by their king, BlueLion789, everyone is allowed, no matter how much progress they’ve made.

Unified Kingdom

A constitutional monarchy led by the King, DuskAutumnStorm. You can live anywhere but living near water is recommended!

Nether Realm

A democratic monarchy led by the Unholy Monarch of the Underworld, Mxz_Astatine. The only country on the server to only exist outside the Overworld!

End Empire

An Empire run by TheEnderCore, for The People of The End.

The Republic of Dave

rule 67

Interstellar Federation

A federation created by Lepthorpy, Zantihh, and _Irz
January 3, 2022 – January 17, 2022

Obsidian Empire

An oligarchic empire run by the High Council and headed by the Emperor, Gojira05.

United Animals Federation

A federation created by AxolotlSoupBad to protect axolotls at all costs
December 18, 2021 – August 17, 2022

The Kingdom of DayBreak​

A Diarchy run by the two kings ToastedExistance and SZombie1

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