1. Ender's Word is Law.

As the Emperor, I hold the power to our great nation and I will try my best to create the ideal place for all of us. You may question me on my decisions, though, as I am not infallible to the corruptions of the world. A wake-up call from one of the citizens may be what I need if I become corrupt.

2. There Shall Be No Wars.

The Empire was founded with the simple dream of creating a peaceful land for the End kind to live in, and any deviation from this would be a shame to our nation and to our beginnings.

3. The Citizen is the Most Important.

The people of the Empire are what make it a true empire. Every individual citizen is more important than all of the riches of the land, and more important than the Emperor himself. If there is ever any looming danger to anyone who is in the Empire, the Emperor will sacrifice his life for them.

4. Everything Must Function With Maximum Efficiency.

As the End Empire is built around industry, anything that is permanent¹ (like farms and etc.) must be built with maximum efficiency in mind. You are strongly advised to make your day-to-day activities more efficient as well.

¹ – This does not apply to things built in order to obtain something in the short term, such as temporary farms.

5. There Shall Be No Fighting on the Grounds of the End Empire.

No one person shall harm another.*

* – Exceptions : xXx_Zera_xXx, MetalKrusher1, xomilkyxwayox, Evilsnar

6. Diamonds Must Be Handled Wisely.

There are special rules you must follow when handling diamonds. You MUST follow these if you want to be a part of the Empire.

1. You can only mine diamond ore with Silk Touch or Fortune III.

2. You are NOT allowed to craft any item with diamonds (except jukeboxes and enchanting tables)

3. You are advised to donate most of your diamonds to the Treasury.

4. You can freely take small amounts of diamonds out of the Treasury without permission (till 5 Diamond Blocks).

5. If you wish to withdraw a larger amount of diamonds, you MUST consult the Emperor.

7. You Must Use Unified Storage.

To produce greater efficiency and to have a better storage unit, we will pool our resources together for a massive unified storage system. This means no private storage. The only exceptions to this are: items with sentimental value, and diamonds, which are stored in the Treasury.

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