Magical Democracy Backstory


The Magical Democracy was founded by DrThestral on February 17, 2022. It was founded after a big magical tree at the edge of the forest just outside the United Animal Federation‘s territory started to sparkle and bring its magic into the world of the Waffles SMP. From there it started to spread and it made its way up to a small cabin where DrThestral lived, and turned it into an enchanted place full of magic and fantasy.

In return, DrThestral made a community with people who swore to help each other and where everyone is equal. Together they created homes all across the land and made little places to worship this magical tree.

But not everyone was happy with the miracle. On the other side of the ocean, a tribe of Thracians were planning on making an attack on the tree, because they were afraid that the magic came from the devil and they needed to defeat the evil. With their ships, they sailed south, and managed to reach the continent where the tree was located. Fortunately someone spotted the Thracians and sent a letter to DrThestral to inform him about the upcoming threat. DrThestral managed to get some people with him to the tree to defend it, and managed to reach it just in time. A long and bloody battle followed, and the Thracians were forced to give up some territory, but after they regrouped, they fought back and the tables were slowly turning. But when all hope seemed lost, the tree gave us one last blessing before it would be quiet for a very long time.

From the leaves rose a magnificent creature. It had ginormous, aqua colored wings and a long, but beautiful tail. The creature was covered in tiny shields, which all had the same color as the wings. It was a dragon. Along with the dragon, which would later be known as Falkor, the Magical Democracy managed to push back the Thracians to the sea, where they would flee to their own land. While the Magical Democracy stopped at the sea, Falkor wanted more. He flew after the Thracians, and the Magical Democracy saw both of them disappear at the horizon. Neither have ever been seen again.

After the battle, the Magical Democracy built a wall around the magical tree to protect it, and everyone agreed that there would never be fighting again on the ground where so many lives were lost. Today, this land is known as our capital city: Spellbound.

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