United Animals Federation (UAF)


Oligarchic Dictatorship


CITIZENS NEEDED TO PROTECT THE AXOLOTLS AT ALL COSTS (The death penalty applied). Citizens could only live outside the country’s borders if they had permission from the High Council.


 If war broke out, citizens were required to help in some way, this could have included repairing items, fighting, etc.


Taxes were never instated.


Minister: AxolotlSoupBad

ABOVE: Flag of the United Animals Federation


-425, -2120
(The historic United Animals Federation capital is now the Axolotillian District of the Waffle Republic)


The United Animals Federation was founded by AxolotlSoupBad (then named AgentAxolotl_) on December 18, 2021. AxolotlSoupBad and HitmanPerfidious co-ruled the UAF as ministers. On January 31, 2022, AxolotlSoupBad filed a lawsuit in the International Court against the End Empire for killing a group of withers that allegedly belonged to the UAF. On later inspection it was found that these withers had been spawned by the UAF less than 400 blocks from the border of the Middle Earth Kingdom, and the End Empire had only killed the withers because two of their citizens had been killed by the withers. This situation led to the creation of the Terrorism III international law and therefore would be seen as an act of terrorism against the Middle Earth Kingdom and End Empire if it was committed now.

Around January 27, 2022, AxolotlSoupBad raided the End Empire capital (-4073, -3833) and allegedly threw harmful potions at the pets of End Empire citizens. As a result, the End Empire made a rule that he was not allowed to enter the country and should be killed on sight.

On February 3, 2022, HitmanPerfidious, Deceased_CK, and SwraitheXD seceded from the UAF to create the Phoenix Guard. AxolotlSoupBad had built the walls of the Citadel (-6040, -6329), and when the Phoenix Guard claimed it as their capital, AxolotlSoupBad destroyed a large section of the wall because “i made it so technically its mine” – he made sure to leave the entrance gate intact because he was not the one that built it (see below). This act of terrorism seemed completely uncalled for and reckless to most players, but it was later revealed that HitmanPerfidious had said to a secret alliance group chat, “once our slave axolotl finished building our base.. we’re gonna untrust him,” which meant that from the beginning, the Phoenix Guard was planning on waiting for AxolotlSoupBad to complete the Citadel so that they could take it from him when they seceded. 

On February 4, 2022, Minister HitmanPerfidious of the Phoenix Guard proposed to the Waffles SMP Council that AxolotlSoupBad be banished to the war dimension without trial, saying to his allies “[AxolotlSoupBad]’s a literal terrorist he doesn’t deserve a trial.” A few minutes before the proposition got to the 2/3 total vote count to pass, Chancellor WafflesAreBetter of the Waffle Republic got a second proposition passed that nobody could be punished without a fair trial. WafflesAreBetter’s proposition passed 6-2, those against being HitmanPerfidious and King Tealdupi of the Prism Kingdom, Emperor Gojira05 of the Obsidian Empire was the only council member not to vote. Barely after it was decided that AxolotlSoupBad needed a fair trial, the proposition to banish him without a fair trial passed 6-1, with AxolotlSoupBad himself voting against the proposition and WafflesAreBetter and TanteTurner of Deutschland GMBH not voting. However, AxolotlSoupBad was not banished because of the second proposition mentioned earlier. The banishment trial was considered by all members of the council to be unnecessary, especially after the events of the next day when AxolotlSoupBad committed multiple blatant violations of international law. However, the trial was never held due to procrastination by the prosecution team led by the End Empire, and AxolotlSoupBad was never punished for his crimes. Had AxolotlSoupBad been banished, ownership of the UAF would have gone from AxolotlSoupBad to the country’s other founder, HitmanPerfidious, who had previously told WafflesAreBetter that he would give the land to the Waffle Republic.

On February 5, 2022, the server gathered at the End Empire capital to use their stronghold to kill the Ender Dragon. After the dragon fight, AxolotlSoupBad arrived in the end and attacked multiple players, and then followed them back to the End Empire capital in the overworld and continued to fight them there. Later in the same day, while citizens of the End Empire were exploring the End, AxolotlSoupBad followed them and spawned withers near them. This was an act of terrorism under the Terrorism III international law, which was itself created by another action of AxolotlSoupBad as mentioned previously.

About a week after the attack on the Citadel, problems arose from AxolotlSoupBad’s griefprevention claim on the dragon perch in the end dimension, which made it so other players couldn’t respawn the ender dragon. The majority of players thought the claim should be removed, because it should have been public land anyway. Some players intentionally messed up AxolotlSoupBad’s wither killer in the claim by pushing minecarts and filling them up with junk items, which gave him more of a reason to keep the claim. The actions of these other players was not necessary and just made the situation worse, if it wasn’t for that the claim probably would have been removed. AxolotlSoupBad’s claim on the end perch was not removed until August 2022.

On February 24, 2022, AxolotlSoupBad changed the technical name of the country from “UAF” to “Meme Crew” through towny, so from then on that was the country name displayed on dynmap, however “United Animals Federation” remained as the officially recognized name for the country by the Waffles SMP Council.

On February 25, 2022, AxolotlSoupBad issued a trespass warning stating that non-UAF citizens were not permitted to enter UAF territory without specific permission. This was a problem because both the End spawn platform and DrThestal’s base were claimed by the UAF. DrThestral was Prime Minister of the Magical Democracy, and not a citizen of the UAF. To fix this problem, the UAF unclaimed most of DrThestral’s base and left a gap for him to travel though while keeping the rest of the base surrounded by UAF territory. DrThestral said “Do you really expect me to leave my base through that small window?” AxolotlSoupBad said he would fix it but never did, the area was only fully given back to DrThestral on August 19, 2022, by the Waffle Republic after it annexed the UAF. (See images below for maps of DrThestral’s base.)

Soon after the passing of the trespass warning, AxoltolSoupBad and the UAF fell into inactivity, with AxolotlSoupBad slowly appearing now and then but mostly not doing anything controversial. On March 26, 2022, AxolotlSoupBad left the Minecraft server and did not join again for over 4 months.

On August 9, 2022, following over 4 months of inactivity, WafflesAreBetter proposed to the Council that the Waffle Republic be allowed to annex the UAF, citing the previous deal with HitmanPerfidious as reason why the Waffle Republic had claim to the UAF land and promising to remove the UAF’s annoying claims, such as the claim on the End dragon perch and the claim around DrThestral’s base. The proposition passed unanimously with 12 votes, the only members not voting being TanteTurner and AxolotlSoupBad. Following the passing of the proposition, AxolotlSoupBad was expelled from the Waffles SMP Council as he was no longer a country leader. The land of the UAF was formally transferred to Waffle Republic ownership on August 17, 2022, and became the Axolotillian District of the Waffle Republic. Following annexation of the UAF’s territories, WafflesAreBetter gifted the claims of the UAF in the End dimension to the Unified Kingdom, which unclaimed the dragon perch, and gave technical ownership of the UAF’s wither skull farm in the Nether to TheEnderCore. Even though the farm belongs to TheEnderCore, it’s in Waffle Republic territory so all Waffle Republic citizens have access.

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