Bill of Rights of the Waffle Republic


No person is above the law and all players may be punished for illegal activity.


The government of the Waffle Republic does not hold the right to confiscate items, land, or other belongings of the citizens of the Waffle Republic without reason, unless the player is banished, in which case anything that they do not take with them will be taken as property of the government. Only if the items, land, or other belongings of a citizen are causing harm to the server or government, these may be taken away, after approval from the administrators or Supreme Overlord.


All citizens have the right to refuse trespassing or search from government officials on, across, above, or under their property without proper warrant issued with reason from the Chancellor and approved by an administrator.


None shall be punished without good evidence and trial by administrators or popular vote and if the person is found not guilty they will not be tried again for the same crime unless sufficient new evidence comes to light.


The only acceptable punishments are singular or recurring fines, imprisonment, some kind of forced labor, death, or banishment of a set distance from the capital building, either temporarily or permanently. No underserved punishment should be used for a small crime and punishments should be clearly listed for every law in the Waffellian Code. Any citizen has the right to appeal their punishment to a council of administrators or the Supreme Overlord.


No citizen shall be denied the right to vote for any reason other than not being eligible, as defined in the Constitution of the Waffle Republic.


No citizen of the Waffle Republic, except by fines for punishment, shall be forced to pay tribute or taxes on anything other than income to the Waffle Republic on non government-owned establishments. The Waffle Republic IRS has the power to create whatever taxes they please, but do not have the power to collect taxes, so taxes effectively do not exist.


No citizen of the Waffle Republic should fear harm from those armed and controlled by the government unless they have committed a crime. Any violence against citizens, even those who have broken laws, will only be carried out unless a player’s life or belongings are under threat, or if needed to arrest a criminal.


No citizen of the Waffle Republic should fear being hunted down by the police or armed forces of the Waffle Republic unless their crime has been proven and the punishment is high enough. The police may not act outside of the land under the Waffle Republic’s rule unless to hunt down a criminal taking refuge there.


No citizen’s punishment may be extended or made worse after the final ruling unless sufficient new evidence is brought to light, or if the criminal or suspected criminal flees arrest or punishment. Any person caught back in the inner lands of the Waffle Republic without valid reason, such as accidentally dying without a bed, after being banished permanently may face any punishment the Chancellor or other deciding government officials want. This punishment may be overly cruel, not constitutional, or against this Bill of Rights. Further evasion may result in a ban from the server instead of a banishment from the land of the Waffle Republic.

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