Waffles SMP

What is the Waffles SMP?

(Historians note: this is a recreation of the old smp portion of the website to allow users to find out about the old countries)

The Waffles SMP (Survival Multiplayer Server) is a Minecraft Java Edition multiplayer server that anyone can join.

The Waffles SMP is a mostly-vanilla server, meaning the gameplay is mostly just normal, un-modified Minecraft, with the exception of plugins to prevent griefing, and a few custom-textured items (like waffles).

There are a few server-wide rules, such as no hacking or x-raying or cheating in any other way. However, most rules are controlled by the player-run governments on the server. Anyone who joins can make a country, so anyone can own at least part of the server.

There’s also a fourth world (in addition to the Overworld, Nether, and End) where countries or individuals can fight wars, the only laws that apply here are the server-wide rules, which means griefing and killing are allowed in the war world.

See the links below for more info about the Waffles SMP! I hope to see you there! (Historians note: we did not add these buttons because they were ugly and annoying to use, feel free to use the navigator at the top of the page)

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