The Order is a coalition made up of three constituent nations – the Sovereign State of Daybreak, the Waffle Republic, and the Soul Kingdom. Each constituent nation may be subdivided and ruled according to their respective constitutions. The constituent nations may form their own laws as they see fit, as long as those laws do not go against the power of the Order.

Executive, legislative, and judicial duties fall to a High Council of the leaders of every constituent nation. The high council shall choose from amongst themselves a delegate to the Council of Nations, but the delegate’s actions in the Council of Nations should be decided by discussion of the High Council of the Order when possible.

If a new nation wishes to join the Order, the High Council must agree unanimously. If an Order constituent is found to have fallen to the Shadow and lost the Light, their nation may be removed from the Order by a unanimous vote of all other High Councilors.

The name of the Order’s flag and banner shall be the Golden Dawn and the anthem of the Order shall be the Dawn of a Gilded Star.

The banner of the Order of the Gilded Star shall be as follows: A black base indented upon a red banner, followed by a black gradient and yellow flower charge.

Any attack against one constituent nation is an attack on all. The Order will not hesitate to use extreme force, and the blinding Light of the Gilded Sun will fall upon those who harm its children. For this reason, all constituent nations of the Order are to be heavily armed at all times.

Long live the Order.

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