The Titles of Thestral

My name is Doctor Thestral, judge jury and executioner of the Waffles SMP, official WSMP Composer, Droco Cantor of the Magical Democracy, father to the aqua dragon, son of space and time itself, board member of WafCorp. Please refer to me with my full title at all times.

About DrThestral

DrThestral (/ˈdɒktə θæstrɔl/), also known as just Doc, is a Dutch youtuber and musician and the official WSMP Composer, meaning that he composes all the themes and anthems which are used at different aspects of the Waffles SMP. DrThestral first joined the SMP at the launch of season two (December 2021) and became a moderator in the Discord server a few months later (May 2022). After a year, he also got the title of Judge, Jury and Executioner (May 2023) and lastly, only a few days after being officially recruited as a WafCorp employee as the WSMP Composer and Head of the Nederlandse Afdeling (October 2023), he became a Minecraft admin.


DrThestral created his YouTube channel in July 2015, but it took him another two years before he uploaded his first video in November 2017. For the first 3.5 years, the channel was known as Terzieler, the Dutch translation of Thestral, and contained a variety of different types of content, from Clash Royale to Top 10 lists. During this period he uploaded a total of 24 videos, of which a few are still available to watch in a special playlist. In April 2021, DrThestral decided he wanted to switch the focus of his channel to English content, so he changed his name and, profile picture and channel banner to what it still is today. About a year later, he had been a part of the Waffles SMP and was very much enjoying it. That’s when he decided to make songs for the SMP in the form of anthems for the different nations. He uploaded his first anthem, The Rise of Spellbound, to YouTube in April 2022 and since then he has never stopped making music. In October that same year, DrThestral hit 100 subscribers and in response he made a face-reveal video.


DrThestral has uploaded his first single to YouTube in April 2022. He did however immediately receive multiple requests to also put it on Spotify. So a few months later, in May 2022, his singles and eventually albums also started to release on Spotify, Apple Music, and a lot of other platforms. Once the songs which previously only were on YouTube had been uploaded everywhere else aswell, it became the norm that all his songs released everywhere at the same time, on YouTube, as well as Spotify and Apple Music, all at the same time

Magical Democracy

The Magical Democracy was founded by DrThestral in February 2022, which made him Prime Minister of the Magical Council. However, since then a couple of changes have been made to how to government of the nation operates, and in the process the role of Prime Minister was replaced by role called Droco Cantor. DrThestral also wrote the Constitution, Bill of Rights and official backstory for the nation, as well as design the flag and in-game banner pattern.



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