About WafflesAreBetter

WafflesAreBetter (also known as Waffles or Waf) is the CEO of WafflesAreBetter “Incorporated” (WafCorp). He is the voice and pixelated face of the WafflesAreBetter YouTube channel, where he mainly posts data pack tutorials for Minecraft. Waffles is the founding member of the WafCorp board, and the creator of the Waffles SMP. He has crowned himself Supreme Overlord of the Waffles SMP, but has only used his executive powers to set up a direct democracy that runs the server.

YouTube Channel

The WafflesAreBetter YouTube channel was started on the 15th of October 2020. Waffles posted the first public video a few months later on the 10th of February 2021, titled How to make simple data packs for Minecraft. The channel mostly covers world generation data packs, but also has tutorials on other types of data packs and resource packs, and has gameplay footage from the Waffles SMP. On July 22, 2023, Waffles formed the WafflesAreBetter “Incorporated” board, which currently runs the YouTube channel. 

Discord Server

The WafflesAreBetter Minecraft Discord server is a community for Datapack devs, Minecraft nerds, and people who just want to play on the WafflesSMP. The discord was started on the 26th of April, 2021, only a few months after Waf’s first video was posted. The Waffles SMP was founded on May 25, 2021, as a server for the members of the Discord server, and you’ll need to join the Discord if you want to be whitelisted.

Order of the Gilded Star

WafflesAreBetter is currently a member of the High Council of the Order of the Gilded Star, WSMP S3’s continuation of the Waffle Republic, of which he wrote the constitution and served as the second Chancellor. 

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